Best Things to do in Arkansas


Arkansas, also known as the “Natural State,” is in the United States of America’s southeastern region. According to reports, forest covers 56% of the state, including 2.5 million acres of national forest, 50 state parks, 7 national scenic byways, and 3 state scenic byways.

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  1. The Gurdon Light, Gurdon

The Gurdon Light, which can be near the rail tracks off I-30 in Gurdon, Arkansas, is an inexplicable phenomenon that continues to haunt the surrounding woods. Though it is not the first of its kind to be reported in America, it is one of those that has yet to be explained due to the lack of highways in the area (so it cannot be car lights!). According to legend, a railroad worker was and killed on the tracks by a passing train. While his body was discovered, his head was never found. Even now, the ghost of the railroad worker searches for his head with a lantern (hence the glow!).

  1. Rush Ghost Town, Yellville

Prospectors flocked to Rush in the 1880s in the hopes of unearthing lost silver mines from Native American legends, but a test run in 1887 revealed that instead of silver, there was a massive zinc deposit in the area. And thus, the process of zinc mining in the town began. Rush’s most famous claim to fame was a massive 13,000-pound zinc nugget discovered by Morning Star Mine, the first of its kind in the area.

  1. Quigley’s Castle, Eureka Springs

Though it appears to be a stone house, Quigley’s Castle was the vision of Mrs. Elise Quigley, who desired nothing more than to make her home more spacious and natural. Mrs. Quigley gathered her children and began tearing down their house after her husband, Albert Quigley, left for work one fine day in 1943. Her only thought was to renovate their old house into her dream home, which would not only provide more space for the family but would also provide more contact with the environment.

  1. Dogpatch USA, Marble Falls Township

Dogpatch USA, located on State Highway 7, between Harrison and Jasper, is an abandoned theme park founded in 1968 by Recreation Enterprises, Incorporated (REI) and based on cartoonist Al Capp’s comic strip, Li’l Abner. Paddle boats, train rides, horseback riding, an apiary, and other attractions were available at the amusement park. After several renovations and a change of ownership, the amusement park finally closed its doors in 1993.

  1. Boggy Creek Monster, Fouke

There were 40 different accounts of seeing this “wild man” in 1997. No one has been able to photograph or otherwise capture this beast, but the legend of the Boggy Creek Monster keeps the town of Fouke awake at night. 

According to legend, the Boggy Creek Monster attacked Bobby Ford and his wife, Elizabeth Ford, in their home at night in 1971. Bobby and Dan, Bobby’s brother, chased him away, but Bobby was injured and taken to the hospital. Though no blood was found, there were scratches on the porch, a window was broken, and three-toed footprints were discovered near the house.

  1. Hot Springs

Maxwell Blade’s Odditorium and Curiosities Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas is a massive collection of unique and eccentric objects gathered from all over the world. It is on the grounds of what was once the “only drive-thru mortuary” in the southern United States. This strange museum may contain taxidermy albinos, voodoo dolls, skeletons, preserved reptiles, and chastity belts, among other things.

  1. Peppersauce Ghost Town

East Calico was once a thriving settlement of trappers, French merchants, taverns, many outlaws, and a variety of illegal businesses. All that is now is a ghost town with only a few relics of the original structures standing. By 1903, the area was thriving as a railhead and trading centre for zinc, cotton, and timber. Unfortunately, the successes were fleeting. Local electrical plants were due to high-tension power lines, excessive deforestation harmed the timber trade, and cattle displaced cotton.

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