How do I check in with spirit airlines

Spirit Airlines Check In process is an important step which conveys the airlines that you are ready to board. Airlines have made the process more convenient by providing various facilities. These benefits include methods of check-in as well. Spirit made it more convenient as passengers can board the spirit airlines after online or offline check-in. However online check-in methods are popular among people but there are many cases when they are not able to surf internet. Spirit has made the check-in convenient in those situations by providing voice check-in, KIOSK and on desk check-in. 

Spirit Check-in Methods

There are multiple methods of Spirit Flight check in so that all passengers can check-in easily without delay. There are three major categories of check – Offline, Self and Online. 

Online check-in for Spirit flight is most popular as you can visit the website and check in online while the offline method is for those who are not eligible for online check-in or cant use the internet due to any reason.

KIOSK and self check-in options are also available for the passengers. They can utilize this facility to check-in for their upcoming flight. In case you miss the check-in on time, you won’t be able to board your flight on time.

Steps to check in online for Spirit Flight

Online Check-in useful service provided by Spirit Airlines, also known as web check-in. It guarantees a more seamless travel experience, saves time at the airport, and enables travelers to check in for their trip online. 

Open the URL in your internet enabled device (

Enter the PNR number or Spirit Book Confirmation number (13 digit) and last name.

Pick the passengers from the given details, select the passengers for the check-in.

Choose the seat for the given Spirit Map if you want to choose a paid seat. Otherwise you will get a randomly assigned seat from Spirit Airlines.

Click check-n and wait for the Spirit Boarding Pass. Save and download your sirit boarding pass as it holds all important information.

There are several ways to check in online for flights operated by Spirit Airlines. Using the Spirit Airlines online check-in system is the first choice. You may check in for your flight using this technology, which is accessible around-the-clock, without physically going to the airport. Moreover, you may use the Spirit Airlines app to check in online. Up to 48 hours prior to your departure, you can check in. You can also travel to the airport and use the actual check-in counters if you need to check in closer to the flight.

Spirit offline Check in 

Visit the airport for the Spirit counter Check in.

To ensure that your checked or carry-on luggage is free of prohibited goods, enter your six-character confirmation code.
Provide your email address to get Spirit travel updates.
If you wish to carry additional bags (it will cost more than purchasing online) you can.
Complete the process and collect boarding passes for Spirit airlines.

Spirit KIOSK check-in

Enter your ticket confirmation number and last name.

Follow the instructions and select passenger details.

Check-in and print your boarding pass for spirit flight.

These are the most popular ways of check-in. Make sure that you have checked the availability of KIOSK machine at your airport before depending on it. Reach at time and check relevant check-in policies.

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