How does SEO benefit a business?

Sponsored advertising provides rapid gratification and email lists can target returning users, but what about indecisive or new consumers?

SEO is necessary for all organizations, and RZY Digital never encounter a website for which we cannot at least provide more data analysis or an SEO audit.

It continues to expand despite algorithm upgrades that threaten to damage SEO and broader digital marketing. Even without the boost in online commerce and communication caused by the pandemic, internet traffic continued to rise.

Many individuals believe they can get by without SEO or with the bare minimum, yet when your sink breaks, you call a plumber. Hence, why not utilise SEO for your internet marketing?

Here are few reasons why SEO will continue to be vital for your business.

Organic Search Is (Almost Usually) First

There are relatively few websites where traffic from organic search results is not the primary source of visitors.

Paid search is expanding as competition intensifies, and other channels provide excellent returns, but the organic channel is almost always responsible for maintaining quantity.

It may not be the channel with the best goal conversion rates or overall revenue, but it is the backbone of websites, allowing people to quickly return to a previous page or discover your site in the first place. This also leads to the next point…

It’s Compatible With Other Channels

All channels collaborate, and the importance of attribution across sources cannot be emphasised. Consumers have several touchpoints with your website, and this multiplies tremendously for high-priced products and services. Customers are unlikely to purchase a new automobile based on a single internet visit!

Your paid, display, social, email, and organic channels collaborate to attract and retain users. If you rely on inorganic approaches, you run the danger of not protecting this greater area (as mentioned above).

We frequently observe keyword volumes surrounding primary search terms with branded terms added, such as “washing machines currys” and “mountain bikes halfords.” This indicates that consumers intend to return to your site and wish to continue their previous experience without having to start over.

On the other hand, without the branded phrases, these terms can be optimised and targeted. Then, your other channels can be utilised to retain the user and bring them back closer to the point of sale. Remarketing and email lists do not begin there, and the majority of the time they begin with an organic session.

It Contributes To An Improved User Experience

With the evolution of SEO, the emphasis has shifted to user experience. As Google and other search engines reward UX best practises, the benefits increase and your site’s conversion rate improves.

A website that is visually appealing, loads quickly, and has clear paths to conversion is significantly more likely to rank than one that is difficult to use.

This also relates to your internet visibility as a whole.

SEO Is Your Internet Reputation

Your SEO ranking is an extension of your website, which is an extension of your brand.

By ensuring that users are led properly and have a positive experience, you maintain their confidence and increase the likelihood of conversions.

A website that is bulky or difficult to navigate reflects poorly on your organisation. A user-friendly and intuitive interface has the same effect. Undoubtedly, you would rather believe that users find you personable and accessible than inaccessible!

SEO Is Permanent

Some websites have only recently begun their SEO journey, while others have decades of data to demonstrate how things have evolved. More data improves positioning, but it does not ensure increased traffic.

Aging websites continue to make mistakes, but over time, minor improvements can provide compounding effects.

The days of penalties for Black-Hat techniques such as spamming links are largely in the past as well. There is still the possibility of receiving penalties, but the search guidelines are explicit and will not be revised.

It is Easily Measurable

Digital marketing through SEO can provide extremely quantitative outcomes, whereas the majority of marketing efforts yield at best approximations.

Ideally, you would have a baseline and a conversion goal, but you can quickly determine which pages convert, how well they convert, and what has to be altered to boost conversions.

Today, SEO encompasses the aforementioned UX modifications. This includes interaction monitoring, A/B testing, and more. You can monitor where users click on telephone links, see which videos are played, track user journeys, and determine where you can typically make improvements.

All of this is in addition to the fact that it is simple to determine how much money was spent, how many hours of labour were expended, and the income statistics from conversions and targets.

It For many years, trust has been a significant role in business, both B2B and B2C. Working online diminished this, and many people viewed online interactions as inherently risky or untrustworthy.

With security mechanisms and data protections in place, you are just as safe online as you are in the physical world.

This has resulted in an increase in trust, which has been furthered by individuals living more online due to the pandemic.

You should ensure that your website accurately represents you and inspires confidence in users. Your staff should collaborate with your website to provide a comprehensive solution for your business.

It Drives Away Competitors

Organic SEO is typically referred to be a zero-sum game. This is not as true as it formerly was, but there is still some validity to it.

Discounting advertisements. There is only one spot at the top of search engine results pages, so for every position you hold, your opponent does not.

You would be foolish to believe that internet marketing has no influence on your sector. Thus, if your competitors are doing it, you should at least follow suit.


Obviously, we’re going to tell you that you should enhance the SEO on your website and expand your digital marketing efforts, but the past few years have demonstrated the importance of this.

No organisation can disregard its internet presence. If you do, you may not actively lose clients, but you will make it more difficult to get new ones!

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