Is your vehicle prone to overheating? In Dubai, Here’s How to Fix It

Heat is always present because of the fuel burning as your car draws power from the combustion process. The cooling system, however, does its job to keep the extra heat away so that the engine in your car can run smoothly.

But your car won’t be overheating in the middle of nowhere. To control the excessive heat from you, the cooling system has a job to do. But occasionally, it might stop working and create a heated environment.

A car’s engine can be cooled in two different ways. One is using antifreeze or coolant. Once it comes into contact with the engine, it is a liquid that controls temperature. Additionally, engine oil aids in cooling down the environment.

A failing cooling system is only one cause of an overheated car, though. There are numerous factors that could lead to a car overheating. On these elements, read here.

Defective thermostat

The coolant flow is controlled by this component of your car’s cooling system. In particular when the engine heats up, it regulates the coolant flow. It consists of a valve that functions as needed, opening and closing when necessary.

Your cars will undoubtedly heat up if the thermostat is unable to function properly due to unforeseen circumstances. Without the proper coolant flow, the engine radiator may fail to adequately cool the engine.

But if you’ve noticed that your car is overheating more frequently, just use a professional service from Service My Car. Additionally, you can use the car scanning and diagnostics service while performing routine maintenance on your vehicle to avert such a condition beforehand.

Radiator in bad shape

The radiator does its job of cooling the hot coolant. The coolant generally tries to absorb the engine’s temperature. It then passes through the radiator so that the fan can release the heat of the coolant into the atmosphere.

However, if a radiator or its fan is defective in any way, the coolant won’t be able to dissipate the heat and will instead stay hot.

Additionally, there may be a coolant leak of some kind near the radiator. The engine of a car does not benefit at all from cooling down.

To avoid a bad situation like overheating, it is always worthwhile to contact a service centre like Service My Car for an immediate car repair.

Awful water pump

A car engine needs coolant to flow through the cooling system in order to function properly. The water pump, however, is in charge of this.

In case the water pump is damaged, the coolant won’t circulate through the engine. Your car’s engine does not cool down as a result.

To get your car back in working order as soon as possible, look for a specialised service.

Engine Oil Low

In addition to lubricating the numerous moving parts of an engine, engine oil performs additional functions. In some ways, it also aids in controlling the temperature. The internal temperature is controlled by the engine oil.

A low level of engine oil, however, is undoubtedly unable to carry out its functions. The internal temperature rise cannot be stopped by low or heavy oil usage. This causes the engine to overheat, which ultimately results in internal engine damage. However, an oil change is performed on your vehicle as part of routine maintenance. You should visit a service centre as soon as possible if the engine oil is low in order to prevent having to pay for an expensive car engine repair.

Lack of or incorrect coolant

Under the hood, a coolant controls the speed of a car’s engine. But there could be a leak somewhere close to the engine. This might not be apparent if your engine is only slightly overheated.

In addition, the engine of your car may still be overheating even after the coolant has been changed. Uncertain of the cause You used the incorrect coolant in your car.

To learn more about the problem, you might need some kind of expertise. You can visit Service My Car for a quick inspection, and our professionals can help you get the cooling system completely flushed out so that the right one can be installed.

Damaged hoses

The numerous hoses in the cooling system serve as its sole means of operation. These hoses aid in the coolant’s passage through the system. However, even minor hose wear can have a negative impact on the entire system. To decrease the amount, it leaks coolant.

So it is important to take into account the possibility that the damaged hoses could cause an overheating problem. By going to Service My Car as soon as possible, you must be certain of the problem.

Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Defective

Modern vehicles come with a sensor that transmits data to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Helping the ECU decide when to turn on or off the cooling fan is one of these tasks. In order to inform the computer of the situation, sensors measure the coolant temperature. However, if a sensor malfunctions, the entire process could be compromised. The car quickly overheats as a result of this.

The only surefire solution to many technical problems, including sensor failure, is an engine diagnosis. It is conveniently offered at Service My Car.

As mentioned above, there are a variety of causes for a car to overheat. Some may have a minor effect, while others may be dangerous enough to cause you to lose money. Although Car Garage Expert enable you to stay ahead of these problems. But if you act quickly, you might be able to prevent losses. Call us or make an online service reservation.

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